503B Quality Standards

Now offering formulations available from an FDA-registered outsourcing facility under Section 503B.

FDA-registered Outsourcing Facility

Imprimis NJOF is registered with the Food & Drug Administration as an outsourcing facility.

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  • Our outsourcing facility is inspected by the FDA
  • We use bulk active and inactive substances obtained from FDA-registered manufacturers, and accompanied by a certificate of analysis
  • Release and stability testing performed at FDA-registered labs
  • Sterility and potency testing performed on each batch
  • Continuous environmental monitoring to maintain product quality standards

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We are currently able to ship the following formulations*.

Tri-Moxi® Triamcinolone / Moxifloxacin 20 Vials $484
Dex-Moxi® Dexamethasone / Moxifloxacin 20 Vials $550
Dex-Moxi-Ketor® Dexamethason / Moxifloxacin / Ketorolac 20 Vials $605
Moxifloxacin Moxifloxacin 5mg/mL 20 Vials $330
Moxifloxacin Moxifloxacin 1mg/mL 20 Vials $330
Hyaluronidase Hyaluronidase 175 units/mL 10 Vials $220
Lidocaine/Epinephrine in BSS (PF/SF) Lidocaine/Epinephrine in BSS (PF/SF) (0.75/0.025)% 20 Vials $330
Phenylephrine/Lidocaine (PF/SF) Phenylephrine/Lidocaine (PF/SF) (1.5/1)% 20 Vials $330
Pred-Moxi® Prednisolone Acetate / Moxifloxacin 20 Bottles $704
Pred-Nepaf ®     Prednisolone Acetate / Nepafenac 20 Bottles $704
Pred-Moxi-Nepaf  Prednisolone Acetate / Moxifloxacin / Nepafenac (5mL bottles) 20 Bottles $836
Pred-Moxi-Nepaf      Prednisolone Acetate / Moxifloxacin / Nepafenac (8mL bottles) 20 Bottles $1,540
Klarity-C® Drops Cyclosporine Ophthalmic Emulsion PF 10 Bottles $440
Mydriatic 2 Tropicamide/Phenylephrine 20 Bottles $275
Mydriatic 4 Tropicamide/Proparacaine/Phenylephrine/Ketorolac 2 Bottles $132
Prednisolone Acetate PF **UNAVAILABLE IN 503B AT THIS TIME Prednisolone Acetate PF 1% 10 Bottles $363
MKO Melt® Sublingual Lemon Midazolam/Ketamine HCl/Ondansetron 21 Melts $346.50

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*For professional use only. ImprimisRx® specializes in customizing medications to meet unique patient and practitioner needs. No compounded medication is reviewed by the FDA for safety or efficacy. ImprimisRx® does not compound copies of commercially available products. References available upon request.