Ophthalmic Portfolios

ImprimisRx® formulates compounded medications typically prescribed by physicians in the ophthalmic industry, and is one of the largest compounding pharmacies servicing both optometry and ophthalmology. ImprimisRx® is committed to delivering high-quality formulations that are required to meet applicable U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) or current guidelines. Click here to learn more about our quality standards.

Dropless Cataract Surgery

Dropless® Injectable Formulation*

  • Tri-Moxi® (triamcinolone and moxifloxacin hydrochloride)
  • Dex-Moxi® (dexamethasone and moxifloxacin hydrochloride)*
  • Dex-Moxi-Ketor® (dexamethasone, moxifloxacin hydrochloride and ketorolac)*

Less Drops Combination Drop Therapy

Combination Topical Drop Formulations*

Non-invasive sublingual conscious sedation provides consistent predictable dosing.

Oral Sedation Formulation*

  • MKO Melt® (midazolam, ketamine and ondansetron)*

 Topical Formulations*

  • Klarity® (Glycerin 1% ophthalmic solution PF)*
  • Klarity-A®Drops (azithromycin 1% ophthalmic solution PF)*
  • Klarity-C Drops® (cyclosporine 0.1% ophthalmic emulsion PF)*
  • Klarity-L®(loteprednol etabonate 0.5% ophthalmic suspension PF)*
  • Klarity-CL (cyclosporine 0.1%/loteprednol etabonate 0.2% ophthalmic suspension PF)* | NEW to ImprimisRx August 2021

Patients may need to take more than one eye drop product pursuant to multiple dosing regimens, as directed by his or her prescriber, in order for the active ingredients to remain effective throughout the day.

Preservative-Free Topical Formulations*

  • LAT PF (latanoprost)*
  • DOR PF (dorzolamide)*
  • BRIM-DOR® PF (brimonidine and dorzolamide)*
  • TIM-LAT® PF (timolol and latanoprost)*
  • TIM-BRIM-DOR® PF (timolol, brimonidine and dorzolamide)*
  • TIM-DOR-LAT® PF (timolol, dorzolamide and latanoprost)*
  • TIM-BRIM-DOR-LAT® PF (timolol, brimonidine, dorzolamide and latanoprost)*
  • TIM-BRIM-DOR-BIM PF (timolol, brimonidine, dorzolamide and bimatoprost)*

Topical Formulations Typically Prescribed by Physicians in the Ophthalmic Market

Injectable Formulations Typically Prescribed by Physicians in the Ophthalmic Market