About Tri-Moxi® and ImprimisRx Quality

Tri-Moxi® is a patented formulation that includes triamcinolone acetonide and moxifloxacin hydrochloride compounded with a proprietary surfactant solubilizing process (SSP) technology® that uniquely allows for the combination of drugs. This combination is proprietary and exclusively available from an ImprimisRx® Pharmacy and should not be compounded outside of those facilities.

Imprimis has shipped over 350,000 vials of the Tri-Moxi compounded formulation.

Imprimis NJOF 503B Outsourcing Facility

Located at: 1705 Route 46 W, Suite 6B, Ledgewood, NJ 07852

  • Registered as an outsourcing facility with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
  • All Incoming API lots are tested prior to use
  • Potency is tested on every Tri-Moxi lot
  • Every Tri-Moxi lot is sent for pre-shipment sterility testing
  • Sterility, endotoxin and potency results are sent with every Tri-Moxi shipment
  • Facility meets all cGMP requirements

Imprimis 503A Sterile Facilities

ImprimisRx CA Located at: 9257 Research Drive, Irvine, CA 92618
ImprimisRx NJ Located at: 1705 Route 46 W, Suite 6A, Ledgewood, NJ 07852

  • PCAB-Accredited sterile facilities
  • Meet or exceeds U.S. Pharmacopeia (UPS) <797> guidelines
  • Imprimis uses components of FDA-approved products for sterile Tri-Moxi formulations
  • All sterile lots are put through a 14-day sterility process before released for commercial use
  • Endotoxin testing is performed on all sterile injectable lots
  • Sterility and endotoxin results are available for every Tri-Moxi order

Tri-Moxi is proprietary and specifically formulated for the use by injection and should be cautioned if ordered outside of an ImprimisRx pharmacy.

Please contact us with any questions at (858) 704-4045 or info@imprimisrx.com.