Unconnected to Texas Pharmacy Situation

Alert: Proprietary Tri-Moxi® Unconnected to Texas Pharmacy Situation

At Imprimis, we value patient safety and our customers’ trust above all else. These core values are part of every product we bring to market. Recently, a local Texas pharmacy used our trusted brand name Tri-Moxi® without our permission, to market an inferior knock-off product to be used for cataract surgery. Unfortunately, this substandard product is rumored to have caused injury to multiple patient eyes. Law firms are currently soliciting victims of the pharmacy’s product and have used Imprimis’ trademarked name Tri-Moxi in their communications.

Imprimis wants to assure physicians and patients that our proprietary Tri-Moxi product has no connection whatsoever to this unfortunate situation. We are working to ensure any use of our trademarks are removed. We go through very strict quality formulating procedures to manufacture our proprietary Tri-Moxi, and our formulation cannot be made by another facility.

As Imprimis Founder and CEO Mark Baum says, “The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the satisfaction of low price.”

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