Our Approach

Making Drugs Affordable AgainTM through innovative technology and commitment to our customers.

Quality and innovation that’s accessible.

ImprimisRx is pioneering a new commercial pathway in the pharmaceutical industry, using compounding pharmacies for the formulation and distribution of high quality, proprietary, compounded formulations. We are patient focused and we do this by partnering with healthcare providers and pharmacy benefit managers to ensure high quality medications at affordable prices for your patients.

Our approach takes into account three core aspects that address the needs in the market.

1. Providing high-quality formulations

ImprimisRx pharmacies are committed to delivering high-quality formulations that meet or exceed all U.S. Pharmacopeia <795> and <797> standards and PCAB requirements.

Quality Standards

2. Solving unmet needs through innovation

The healthcare industry is experiencing price increases and shortages for imperative treatments that are in demand. We strive to solve these challenges through innovative compounded alternatives to combat high priced drugs, and those inaccessible due to drug shortages.

Compounded Choice® provides the opportunity to obtain high quality medications for your patients that are in high demand, but may have been previously unavailable.

3. Making medications accessible and affordable

Male Patient and doctorThrough the development of our Imprimis Cares™ program, we work with physicians and patients to provide access to alternative compounded medicines at affordable prices.

Our dedicated customer care team will work with insurance carriers and prescription benefits managers (PBMs) to ensure that your patients will have access to the medication they need.


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