Imprimis Cares

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to delivering high quality and innovative compounded drugs to physician and patients at affordable prices through our Imprimis Cares initiative.

Compounded Alternatives From a Pharmacy You Can Trust

Imprimis Cares™ is designed to give patients, physicians and insurance carriers options for individualized compounded medications in the face of drug prices that have recently significantly increased.

imprimis cares logoOur Imprimis CaresTM Program

  • Provides patients access to cost-effective compounded alternative formulations
  • Partners with insurance carriers and prescription benefit managers to provide access to low cost alternative compounded formulations
  • Identifies new opportunities to reduce overall health costs

Current Formulations Include:

Typically prescribed by Ophthalmologists

  • Pred-Gati (prednisolone acetate/gatifloxacin) – Patent Pending
  • Pred-Gati-Nepaf (prednisolone acetate/gatifloxacin/nepafenac tromethamine) – Patent Pending
  • Pred-Nepaf (prednisolone acetate/nepafenac) – Patent Pending

Typically prescribed by Infectious Disease Specialists

Typically prescribed by Urologists

Typically prescribed by Dermatologists

We are always looking to expand our Imprimis Cares program. If you do not find a compounded formulation you are searching for, contact us today!

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