Imprimis Cares

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to delivering high quality and innovative compounded drugs to physician and patients at affordable prices through our Imprimis Cares initiative.

Compounded Alternatives From a Pharmacy You Can Trust

Imprimis Cares™ is designed to give patients, physicians and insurance carriers options for individualized compounded medications in the face of drug prices that have recently significantly increased.

imprimis cares logoOur Imprimis CaresTM Program

  • Provides patients access to cost-effective compounded alternative formulations
  • Partners with insurance carriers and prescription benefit managers to provide access to low cost alternative compounded formulations
  • Identifies new opportunities to reduce overall health costs

Current Formulations Include:

Typically prescribed by Ophthalmologists

  • Pred-Moxi (prednisolone acetate/moxifloxacin hydrochloride) – Patent Pending
  • Pred-Moxi-Ketor (prednisolone acetate/moxifloxacin hydrochloride/ketorolac tromethamine) – Patent Pending
  • Pred-Moxi-Nepaf (prednisolone acetate/moxifloxacin hydrochloride/nepafenac)

Typically prescribed by Infectious Disease Specialists

Typically prescribed by Urologists

Typically prescribed by Dermatologists

We are always looking to expand our Imprimis Cares program. If you do not find a compounded formulation you are searching for, contact us today!

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