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Are you planning for ocular surgery?

Go Dropless
A single injection during surgery may help you and your patients avoid the hassles and high-costs associated with post-operative drop therapy. Find a doctor in your area who is using Dropless Cataract SurgeryClick here to visit Dropless.com for more information.

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Combination Drop Therapy is a way to significantly reduce the number of eye drops needed after ocular surgeries. Click here to download our LessDrops brochure.

IV Free Logo
Non-invasive conscious sedation formulation may provide you an alternative option to IV anesthetic for cataract surgery.


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Do you find yourself suffering from bladder pressure, bladder pain, or urinary urgency and frequency? Find an IC Specialist in your area. Click here to visit DefeatIC.com for more information.

ED free logo
Understand the symptoms and treatment options available for erectile dysfunction. Click here to visit EDfree.com for more information.