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Preservative-Free Glaucoma Drops

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One Simple Drop, One Simple Regimen

Several studies have demonstrated that roughly 50% of patients have been found not to be adherent to their glaucoma medication over 75% of the time.1

Patient compliance is an unavoidable issue when it comes to glaucoma treatment. Being prescribed a multitude of bottles each with different dosing instructions may be confusing for patients. Simple Drops conveniently provides multiple glaucoma medications into a single bottle. Provide your patients with a simple treatment option for their glaucoma.

Preservative-Free Drops

All Simple Drops compounded formulations are made preservative-free. Each formulation is provided in a unique bottle designed with PureFlow® technology that allows for a one way valve system preventing the risk of contamination.

Why Simple Drops?

Simple Drops provides your patient with a simplified treatment regimen.

The benefits of Simple Drops include:

  • Offers a preservative-free treatment regimen for your patients
  • Provides convenience of multiple medications into one combination drop
  • May increase patient compliance by reducing the number of drops taken per day
  • May reduce costs to your patients with a low monthly cost

Simple Drops Compounded Formulations*

Simple Drops from ImprimisRx

  • Invented by KOLs in the ophthalmic space and pharmacists for unmet medical needs
  • Quality sterile compounded glaucoma formulations
  • Made in PCAB accredited and FDA-inspected facilities
  • Made with FDA-approved components

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Glaucoma Care Program

Simple Drops is more than just glaucoma medication for your patients. With the Glaucoma Care Program, your patients can be provided with coaching to help manage their condition. They will also have immediate access to trained consultative pharmacists, resources to understanding their condition, a subscription to our monthly e-newsletter Glaucoma Review, and the right tools to comply with your treatment recommendation.

*Compounded by a pharmacist pursuant to an individual prescription. May be customized.


  1. Grover, D and Robin, A. Compliance and adherence in glaucoma management. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology 2011; 59: S93–S96.