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ARTICLE: MKO Melt: Here is what we’ve learned: One practice has used the anesthetic-pain pill since its release. The author shares patient selection, other pearls.;ve-learned

ARTICLE: IV-free sedation may help anxious cataract patients,0

ARTICLE: Meet the MKO Melt, a sublingual sedative for cataract surgery

ARTICLE: Sublingual Sedation Melts Away Pain

VIDEO: Sublingual sedation aids cataract surgery

VIDEO: Surgeon shares experience incorporating MKO Melts into practice

VIDEO: Sublingual sedation relieves patient anxiety before cataract surgery

VIDEO: Surgeon discusses new oral conscious sedation formula

VIDEO: Eyewire TV

VIDEO: Dr. Chu


Combination Drop Therapy: The Game Changer Gary Wörtz, MD

Simplifying Postoperative LASIK Care: A compounded formulation of topical postsurgical medications can enhance patients’ compliance. William F. Wiley, MD

The effect of drug pricing on cataract surgery Dropless or less drops may improve cost, convenience, compliance By Bret Fisher MD, Gene Wong OD FAAO,0


Transzonular intravitreal injection eases treatment burden after cataract surgery ( Contains Tyson’s study info),0

Dropless Middle School: Pearls for the Intermediate Dropless Surgeon Ahad Mahootchi, MD

Intraocular antibiotic prophylaxis in best interests of patients Richard Lindstrom, MD

Scientific evidence mounting for superior outcomes with dropless cataract surgery Approach shown to provide improved infection, inflammation prevention than previous methods Kevin M. Barber, MD

Substantial Economic Benefit of “Dropless” Cataract Surgery Vance Thompson, MD–dropless-cataract-surgery