Defeat ICIt is estimated that as many as 10 million men and women in the US alone suffer from interstitial cystitis (IC).1,2 

Finding treatment options for your patients can be a challenge.  According to the American Urological Association (AUA), there is only one FDA-approved treatment option readily available. The AUA guidelines have also identified bladder instillations, a second-line treatment, as an immediate treatment because it is delivered directly to the bladder. Many of these are compounded formulations prescribed by physicians. Learn more about Defeat IC.

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There are more than 600,000 new cases of erectile dysfunction of men ages 40-69 in the United States expected annually.3 The American Urological Association treatment guidelines indicate that intracavernous injections including Bimix and Trimix are the most effective non-surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction.3 View the erectile dysfunction AUA guidelines.

ED free focuses on spreading awareness of erectile dysfunction to patients and providing them access to the right treatments for ED. For more information about ED free, click here.

Erectile Dysfunction TreatmentsCompounded Formulations typically prescribed by Urologists*

  • Bimix
  • Pentoxifylline
  • PPS
  • Tiopronin DR
  • Tiopronin/Potassium Citrate DR

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*For professional use only. Imprimis Pharmaceuticals specializes in customizing medications to meet unique patient and practitioner needs. Imprimis Pharmaceuticals dispenses only to individually identified patients with valid prescriptions. No compounded medication is reviewed by the FDA for safety or efficacy. Imprimis Pharmaceuticals does not compound copies of commercially available products. References available upon request.

References: 1. Berry SH, Stoto MA, Elliott M, et al. Prevalence of symptoms of interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome among adult females in the US. Available at http://www.ichelp.org/about-ic/what-is-interstitial-cystitis/4-to-12-million-may-have-ic/. Accessed February 6, 2015. 2. Clemens JQ, Link CL, Eggers PW, et al. Prevalence of painful bladder symptoms and effect on quality of life in black, Hispanic and white men and women. J Urol. 2007;177(4):1390-1394. 3. Thompson IM; Tangen CM; Goodman PJ, et al. Erectile dysfunction and subsequent cardiovascular disease. JAMA 2005;294(23) pgs 2996-3002.