IV Free

Non-invasive sublingual conscious sedation compounded formulations*




Typically your patient arrives for surgery day, and it may be routine to prep them with IV sedation for cataract surgery, so you can devote 100% of your time to the cataract procedure.

Preparing for Cataract Surgeryiv bag

  • What is your standard preparation time for surgery?
  • How long does it take to administer anesthesia in preparation for surgery?
  • What are your challenges with administering IV anesthetic?
  • What are your typical costs associated with anesthesia administration for cataract surgery?

IV Free®

Patent pending IV Free compounded formulation, MKO Melt® includes Midazolam, Ketamine HCl, and Ondansetron* and is administered under the tongue. Click here for details on the MKO compounded formulation.

MKO Melt compounded formulation was developed by physicians and pharmacists as an option for appropriate patients.

MKO Melt

Midazolam, Ketamine HCl, and Ondansetron

IV Free Administration

MKO Melt can be administered under the tongue within minutes and typically dissolves within 2-5 minutes.

IV Free Cataract Surgery

  • Reduces the number of IVs needed for anesthetic (some patients still may require an IV)
  • Provides consistent predictable dosing with predefined dosed troches
  • Dissolves within minutes
  • Affordable cost at $25 per dose

“It is one of the best things we have done for the patient experience, not to mention the surgeon and nurses experience.”

Dr. John Berdahl, Board Certified Ophthalmologist

*Compounded by a pharmacist pursuant to a prescription to meet the needs of individual patients. May be customized.