Dropless Cataract Surgery

We service over 700 Ophthalmologists with ophthalmic compounded formulations for ocular or intraocular surgery.

Proprietary Sterile Injectable Compounded Formulations*

  • Reduce issues with patient compliance
  • Decrease overall costs
  • Single intraocular administration

Dropless Cataract Surgery Formulations from Imprimis

  • Vials PhotoQuality sterile injectable compounded medications* for use in ocular surgery
  • Invented by ophthalmologists and pharmacists for unmet medical needs
  • Patent-pending Surfactant Solubilizing Process (SSP) technology® that uniquely allow for the combination of drugs

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“Transitioning to Dropless® cataract surgery has been transformative for my patients and my practice. In one fell swoop, we have achieved greater patient compliance, convenience, and cost savings for our patients”

Dr. Sydney Tyson, Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Philadelphia, PA


The formulations have been optimized for the isotonicity and pH most compatible with the eye, and their particle size has been homogenized to smoothly dispense in the vitreous upon injection through a small cannula or needle.

Ophthalmologists currently using Dropless Therapy® formulations believe the optimal location for the injection would be the vitreous due to the depot effect.

This is achieved by one of two approaches:

  • Transzonular injection via cannula.
  • Pars plana injection via needle

Learn more by watching both techniques using Drop-less™ on our online educational portal.

*For professional use only. ImprimisRx specializes in customizing medications to meet unique patient and practitioner needs.  No compounded medication is reviewed by the FDA for safety or efficacy. ImprimisRx does not compound copies of commercially available products. References available upon request.